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    Liquidation Experts

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    Bits N Bytes | Business Software and Computers

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    Air Compressor Manufacturers

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    Dr Thabani Mndebela (General Practitioner)

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    Solarmat Solar Solutions

Google My business is a website that was created to help you get ranked with SEO . The more links you have back to your website the better the ranking on Google SEO. We are currently offering this service as a free service to all STARCOM and VirtualNumber clients and other affiliates.

What do you get for your money on Google my Business ? All company listings will be SEO friendly so we will help you get ranked in Google primarily.

All new listings will be listed on Facebook and Twitter and we will also push those listings that may need the exposure.

Secondly the more links you have the better ranked on Google you will appear.

We offer several packages at present :

1. Free listings with SEO ranked per keyword. All info is website extracted so you need to have a website. Your rankings will depend on the amount of info you give us .

2. We can SEO your current website in total for R199 per month with a once off setup cost  ( T&C’s) do apply but do ask us what is required.

3. We can do further and more detailed SEO packages that include copy written articles , we also do Adwords for R399 per month .

One listing per client allowed . So sign up now and take advantage .

Terms and conditions to free listings , only landline numbers and corporate or personalised emails allowed ( no gmail or hotmail addresses). This is to curb fraudulent postings.

We also welcome events on the website , so if you would like to advertise your companies events or shows to the public , you can do so here.

These listings are for any company in South Africa.